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MSHS Chess Club Website

Welcome to the Millard South Chess Club Website! I created this website because I had a request from a gradutated senior *cough Steve Behrens* to help him keep up to date on the current events at chess club by e-mail. I didn't want to e-mail him everyday, so I made this. If anyone else wants to use it, be my guest.

What Does That Link Mean?

The Home link takes you back here, which is completely unneccesary.

The What's New link is strictly for new events, like tournaments, fundraisers, and when someone in school beats Garrett.

The Games and Ratings link is my own idea. All the regulars at chess club, like me, Zach, Garrett, Jarred, and Cody (who are there like every day) can see how many games they've won in chess club, and receive an accurate chess rating on this page!